Pastoral Care

The Rector is available for crisis/emergency pastoral counseling at all times, and may be reached by email (  or through the church’s office number at (631) 261-7670. The Rector can also assist those needing referrals for more specialized care. The Rector is also available to sit, discuss, and journey with parishioners through less acute issues.

Anointing with oil for healing is also available at any time. Those in the hospital or planning surgery may also be anointed.

Holy Communion from the reserved sacrament is available to those who cannot attend services.

The Holy Eucharist with healing prayers, anointing, and the laying on of hands is held on the third Thursday of each month at 7pm. People are invited to come and have hands laid on them for their own healing or the healing of someone else for whom they would like prayers. They are also encouraged to come and be part of the prayer team that prays on behalf of others.

Confession and absolution is available by appointment with the Rector.