Food Pantry

Trinity members serve on the board of the Ecumenical Lay Council, which has as its primary ministry the staffing and stocking of the Northport Food Pantry, which is located in the basement of the First Presbyterian Church at 330 Main Street (631-261-4357). The pantry serves local residents, who for whatever reason find themselves in need of assistance, providing non-perishable food (occasionally perishable foods too), pet food, vouchers for local area shopping centers, and school supplies.

The pantry serves over 150 families a week. Ninety percent of the pantry’s food is received from churches, synagogues, service organizations, scouts groups, and school groups. Ten percent comes from state and federal food banks and Long Island Cares, a food bank cooperative. The pantry is now federally and state approved and follows guidelines under the Long Island Cares Organization. The pantry is fully staffed by volunteers “with no overhead other than a telephone”. Trinity members regularly volunteer a month at a time to assist in the staffing.

The pantry has “never had to turn away anyone in our area of service that was in need of food”. All members of the ELC are committed to continue this tradition. Donations can be made in the form of cash (checks payable to the Ecumenical Lay Council) or in the form of perishable goods. The parish will collect and deliver these items regularly.