Farewell Fr Michael

As everyone knows, Sunday, January 16, 2022 will be Father Michael Bartolomeo’s last service as Rector for Trinity Episcopal Church.  He is retiring and we are deeply saddened to see him go.  However, we wish him all the best and thank him for all he has done for us over these past 10 years.

It is doubly heartbreaking that we are also losing Joanne, who has been such a great leader for us as well and an incredible coordinator for so many of our events.  If this wasn’t all sad enough, Cheryl our Parish Administrator is also retiring.

Words can never express the loss we are feeling, but we wish them all such fond farewells and want them to know that they are always welcome back…even if it’s just for an occasional coffee hour!

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  1. Susan McGrail Rocks

    Thank you Fr. Michael, Joanne and Cheryl for your so many years of service and Dedication to Trinity. I know my Parents had such a deep admiration for you. The Friendships you have made with my family will always be cherished. I am truly grateful for your support you gave me with the passing of each of my parents. You will be missed! I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

  2. Lee Stuart

    You guys have been such an inspiration for myself and my son Glenn. Words can not express my gratitude. Wishing you and your family all the best in the future.
    Fr. Michael you will be truly missed!

  3. Lee Stuart

    You guys have been such an inspiration for myself and my son Glenn. Words can not express my gratitude. Wishing you and your family all the best in the future.
    Fr. Michael you will be truly missed!


  4. The Padilla Family - Kim, Casey, CJ and Chelsea

    Thank you Fr. Michael for your heart felt sermons, for your faith and reason in trying times and for always spreading the ultimate lesson of God’s love. I am forever grateful that my children were baptized in Trinity, where I was baptized as well. We wish you all the best in your retirement and send our love from Sunny Florida! Keep sharing your adventures on Facebook Joanne, we love to see what you are all up to!

  5. Lois Ziegler

    Best wishes to you all, Fr Mike, Joanne, Cheryl for a wonderful retirement & healthy future. You have all been marvelous friends. My advice in retirement is to do WHAT you love, WHEN you want. Stay well. Fondly, Lois Ziegler

  6. Vina Behler

    Fr. Michael , Joanne and Cheryl. Wishing you all the best. You will be deeply missed. Thank you for your light, love and joyful spirit.

  7. pat speyer

    Dear Joanne & Fr. Michael,
    It is difficult to even start. There are so many ways you both added to a fuller understanding of our faith as well a deeper connection to our church community. Sometimes the sermons were a bit “way out” but they were always thought provoking. Sometimes they were funny but very serious at the same time. The brought current issues into clearer focus.
    At the beginning we could not see how breakfast between services would ever work. Then we saw the beauty of it in watching members of the congregation sit down together and share food. We saw the elderly have an opportunity to have a meal cooked for them and then actually converse over the table. The ministry of cooking and serving them was priceless.
    We will miss both of you dearly. The last ten years sharing our faith with you both has been a joy. Michael, we can only hope and pray that your health benefits by your retirement.
    Fondly always,
    Pat & Guy

  8. Anonymous

    Dear Joanne & Fr.Michael,
    I find it really difficult to say goodby. Joanne you have been such an inspiration to all of us. In the kitchen with your energy and ideas that surely kept our parishioner interested and attentive. Father Mike your Sermons have been intriguing, funny and we always learned from them. The feeling of comfort walking into Trinity with you both there will never be replaced. We hope your retirement keeps you well and gives you peace.
    Marge & Blair

  9. Larry and Carole Richards

    Dear Father Michael and Joanne,

    We are so grateful for all that you have done for our family and Trinity Church over the last 10 years. Far too much to list here. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors and from the NLT Bible:

    Numbers 6:24-26, May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.

  10. Joey Sidito

    Dear Joanne and Fr. Michael,

    May your new journey ahead be blessed with all the love you’ve given to Trinity Church. May each new sunrise make you smile, bring warmth to your hearts and give you the happiness you both deserve. You will be missed for many reasons, especially making our church unique, and special. Thank you for embracing me, and helping me put my broken pieces back together again. God lead me to you, and you changed my life. I will not forget your friendship, kindness, and inspiration to move forward. You both will truly be missed. Thank you for being you. Have a beautiful a new beginning to the next chapter in your lives.
    Joey Sidito

  11. Kelly Morgan

    Dear Father Michael and Joanne,
    Serendipity lead me to you two through Joey Sidito. Getting to know you over time has been such a privilege and pleasure. Father Michael your ability to extricate messages from the bible and connect them to current events is such a gift. I wish you both all the best and hope to see you again soon – maybe even at a heavy metal concert !
    Kelly Morgan

  12. Bill Morris

    Dear Fr. Michael and Joanne,

    We are so grateful to God that He crossed our paths for 4-plus years on our earthly journey together as we are marching on Zion! Only YOU could get us out of retirement!! We heard your sermons in late 2017, and said, WOW! We have been blessed with each and every sermon since! An added bonus to both of us was definitely your great teaching in the Bible Studies! Thank you for your great appreciation of church music and the music ministry. You steadfastly and faithfully lead us at Trinity through the saddest and most difficult church year of our lives during the Pandemic of 2020, only to culminate in an amazing Telethon in December! That telethon idea must have been the Holy Spirit’s prodding! What a beautiful whole day that was filled with music and scripture!
    It reached so many outside of the church and people still talk about it! We wish you a healthy and blessed time of refreshment and retirement. Joanne, we have never met a priest’s or minister’s wife who was so involved and did so much for the benefit of her husband’s ministry and the congregation! You are a beautiful and remarkable Christian woman! We look forward to seeing what marvelous plans God has in store for both of you! You will be GREATLY missed! With love and appreciation, Bill and Angie Morris

  13. Linda & Richard Cole

    Thank you Father Mike and Joanne for your many years of service to Trinity. Words can never express the loss we are all feeling. Best wishes for a beautiful, happy and healthy retirement! You will be missed!

  14. Sharon and Bob Wolpert

    Dear Michael, Joanne and Cheryl,

    We remember the first time we met Fr. Michael in our roles as Warden and Treasurer, along with Barbara Wasilausky -Lunch at the Shipwreck Diner. After 3 hours with Fr. Michael, he shared some thoughts on theology, his past experience and our future at Trinity with the Leung sisters! The rest is history.

    Michael, your live Bible studies were so interesting, thought provoking and inspiring. Memories of your enthusiasm, weird sense of humor and keen intellect will remain with me always as I study the scriptures. Joanne, under your guidance and direction, Trinity « parish » truly became Trinity « family », enjoying breakfast together, Vestry Christmas parties, a tour of Chinatown and pre-Fair barbecues. Cheryl, always calm, promptly responded when we needed information on the spot, messages sent, Thrift Shop signs printed, etc. We will miss our therapeutic office chats, and the welcoming place for Bob to hang out when the cleanings ladies arrived!

    Wishing you God’s blessings always,
    Sharon and Bob

  15. Donna and Michael Irizarry

    Dear Fr. Michael and Joanne,

    Fr. Michael, you have navigated our church through quite a spiritual journey for the past 10 years. One that had its moments of heavy sorrow and others with glee and sometimes even giddiness. You gave meaning to all the points along the way. We can’t imagine anyone more adept in providing a biblical basis to our journey at Trinity. We greatly appreciated your thoughtful and in depth bible study. As a result, we will always read the Bible with a new perspective thanks to you.

    Joanne, you have been the heart and soul of all our fellowship events. You never cease to amaze us how you can organize a dinner for 70 or continue to find new ways to serve eggs at our Breakfast Fellowship. Bob Wolpert was correct when he said Trinity is getting 2 for 1 when your Michael became our rector. The grace and faith given to you by your dear parents always shone through in all that you did at Trinity.

    Lastly, thank you both for your friendship. It is not often that a rector and spouse are so approachable and engaging with each person of the parish. You both will always hold a special place in our hearts.

    God bless you both as you begin this next journey in your well deserved retirement and rest from Trinity duties. We know our friendship will continue and we hope Bible study will too!

    With gratitude and love,
    Donna and Michael Irizarry

  16. Kathleen Hoegl Sherlock

    I wish you, Fr.Michael, and Joanne a most rewarding and exciting retirement.

    It is with a heart heavy with sadness. I was hoping for many more years.

    Ave atque vale

  17. Patty & Keith Macartney

    Fr. Michael, though we are not officially of this parish we were happy to participate whenever possible. You made it a pleasure to attend Trinity and help out at the Bazaar. We most humbly want to thank you for leading Stephen to the Lord and welcoming him into the Trinity family so completely. I’ve always told him that God has great plans for him and you have helped him believe it as well. Thank you & God bless you in your retirement.
    Mary Jane sends you off with best wishes…she will miss you greatly.

  18. Donna Irizarry

    Dear Cheryl,

    Thank you so much for your years as parish secretary making sure our church is running smoothly behind the scenes. An extra big thank you for all the times you helped out with our Sunday School by either making copies or hanging signs. We always knew we can count on you. I wish you the best in your next endeavors. We have been so blessed to have 2 of the Leoung sisters among us.

    With gratitude,
    Donna Irizarry

  19. Cindy

    Dear father Micheal
    Thank you being there when I needed a shoulders to cry on . I wish you the best in your next journey god has planned out for you . Be well and safe

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