The Christian concept of stewardship comes from the belief that everything we have is a gift from God. Most obviously this refers to our money, but it goes deeper. It refers to the talents and opportunities we have that have allowed us to amass our wealth, but more importantly, which give us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. It refers to our families, to the earth, and even to life itself. Everything we have is gift, and so God calls us to use those gifts wisely in gratitude and humility, both for our enjoyment, but also to the relief of our and our neighbor’s needs.

Good stewardship implies being a good servant. Ironically, the word “steward” comes from the old English “sty ward”, which means “keeper of the pigs”. Perhaps there’s room for some levity here. Good servants take care of business, no matter how messy. Similarly, good Christian stewardship means giving of our whole selves, of our time, talent, and treasure, without care for status, ease, or reward. We do and we give simply because we can and because there is need; and we are encouraged to do so joyfully.

Each year Trinity celebrates Stewardship Sunday in mid-November. At this time the financial state of the parish is discussed, pledges are offered, and commitments are made to serve God through the parish’s various ministries. God’s blessings are then asked upon us as these ministries are then commissioned at a parish luncheon.