Fundraising Donations

The parish has a strong history of responding generously to fund-raising requests for special projects. This includes both capital improvements within the parish as well as need-based charitable giving.

In the recent past funds have been collected to help rebuild the cathedral in Haiti, destroyed by a hurricane, to aid victims of Hurricane Sandy, and to help Episcopal Relief and Development assist those in Oklahoma who were affected by the recent tornado outbreaks.

The Vestry is currently considering two major improvement/maintenance projects. The first involves rebuilding the handicap access ramp on the west side of the church building. The current ramp has two deficiencies. First, the grade is currently twice as steep as would be allowed by current building codes, and second, there are steps immediately behind the opening to the west doors, making wheelchair access at this spot less secure than is acceptible. Bids are currently being received, and prospective costs will soon be shared with the parish at large. The second project involves maintenance to the church steeple, which has simply weathered with age.

Your participation and donations for any of these above stated purposes are always appreciated, and will help Trinity maintain its savings to ensure emergency funds for years to come.