Adult Education

FALL BIBLE STUDY: Bible study is on its summer hiatus.  There will be three separate studies this fall, with details listed below.  This is designed to accommodate the various schedules of interested people as best as possible.  All are encouraged to bring a bible of their choice, so as to give us a wide range of translations.  All are welcome, including friends and those just visiting this site.  We are open to different perspectives and interpretations, as our goal is that each believer can exercise the most authentic faith to which God may be calling us.

Fall schedule (please note: check with the parish office as events sometimes result in cancelations from time to time):

WEDNESDAY MORNING (10:30am – 12:00pm): This study resumes on September 4th.  It is currently focusing on Isaiah picking up at Chapter 46.  When completed the group will decide on which book to study next.

WEDNESDAY EVENING (7:30pm – 9:00pm): This study also resumes on September 4th.  It is also presently in Isaiah, but will pick up at chapter 28.  Note: when completed the groups do not necessarily need to move on to the same book.

SATURDAY MORNING (8:30am – 10:00am): This brand new study will begin on September 29th.  Unlike the others which focus on one specific book at a time, this will focus on a theme and is titled “Ezekiel 31-32: Portrait of a Tyrant”.  It is designed to help people become better acquainted with different ways to read the bible, particularly including historical critical, allegorical, and supernatural perspectives, as well as analyzing how the way we read the bible influences and shapes our particular expressions of faith.  We will use as a guide the book “Judgment of the Nephilim”, written by Ryan Pitterson.  Copies will be available for purchase.



Bible Study