Lay Ministry Resources and Services


L = Lessons
     P = Prayers of 
          the People

 Patricia Speyer

In the months of November and December we have some extra readings to do.  I prefer to do these on a voluntary basis so if you will be attending any of the Special Services listed and are willing to read, please call or email me as soon as possible, or simply fill in your name on the appropriate line on the copy in the sacristy.

Click here for Procedure for Lay Readers
Thank you for your service.   Patricia Speyer  

  7:30 am Main Service
10:30 am
Special Services
Date Name Name
Jan 4 Pat Speyer Church School (L)
Church School (P)
Jan 11 Mabel Gates

Sharon Wolpert (L)
Janet Corrado (P)

Jan 18 Walter Thomas Norma Matrazzo (L)
Ellen Matrazzo (P)
Jan 25 Karen Breest

Phillip Wasilausky (L)

Barbara Wasilausky (P)

Feb 1 Gerri Reuter Church School (L)
Church School (P)

Feb 8 Linda Adams

Howie Ehrenshaft (P)

Ellie Scimeme (P)

Feb 15 Letty Evans

Ruthann Knoeller (L)

Larry Bonchonsky

Feb 22 Pat Speyer Lola Hunter (L)
MaryJane Macartney (P)



If you are unable to serve on a particular date, please arrange for one of the other Chalice Administrators to cover for you. Traditionally, Joyce Lewis serves at the early (7:30 AM) Sunday service.


Late Sunday Service Serving Schedule


Ray Beadle

Services are at
10:30 except as noted

*Summer services are at 9:30 am

Date Special Services Name Name
Jul 1 * Ellie Scimeme  Barbara Wasilausky
July 8 * Ray Beadle Marty Glick
Jul 15 * Ruth Ann Knoeller  Norma Matrazzo
Jul 22 * Peter Bales Ellie Scimeme
Jul 29 * Toni Dennis Barbara Wasilausky
Aug 5 * Ray Beadle Marty Glick
Aug 12 * Ruth Ann Knoeller  Norma Matrazzo
Aug 19 * Peter Bales Ellie Scimeme
Aug 26 * Toni Dennis Barbara Wasilausky
Sept 2 * Labor Day W/E Ray Beadle Marty Glick
Sept 9 Ruth Ann Knoeller  Norma Matrazzo
Sept 16 Peter Bales Ellie Scimeme
Sept 23 Toni Dennis Barbara Wasilausky
Sept 30 Ray Beadle Marty Glick
Oct 7 Ruth Ann Knoeller  Norma Matrazzo
Oct 14 Peter Bales Ellie Scimeme
Oct 21 Toni Dennis Barbara Wasilausky
Oct 28 Ray Beadle Marty Glick
Nov 4 End Daylight Savings Ruth Ann Knoeller  Norma Matrazzo
Nov 11 Peter Bales Ellie Scimeme
Nov 18 Toni Dennis Barbara Wasilausky
Nov 21 Thanksgiving Day Service 7:30 pm
Nov 25 Ray Beadle Marty Glick
Dec 2 Ruth Ann Knoeller  Norma Matrazzo
Dec 9 Peter Bales Ellie Scimeme
Dec 16 Toni Dennis Barbara Wasilausky
Dec 23 Ray Beadle Marty Glick
Dec 24 Christmas Eve Service 5:30 pm
Dec 24 Christmas Eve Service 10:30 pm
Dec 25 Christmas Day Service 9:30 am
Dec 30 Ruth Ann Knoeller  Norma Matrazzo
Jan 6, 2008 Peter Bales Ellie Scimeme
Jan 13 Toni Dennis Barbara Wasilausky
With flexible schedules and at your own pace, YOU can become a Chalice Administrator!  The work is not difficult nor is it demanding.  Neither Sainthood nor attendance at seminary is required.    We welcome you as you are and encourage you to contact Father Weaver for additional information and details.

You will find it a privilege to serve the Lord in His Church!  Please, join us now!
                Ray Beadle



Please let Father Weaver know when you will be away during the summer.  If he does not hear from you by May 14, 2006 - he will assume you are available for the entire summer and schedule you accordingly.  When scheduled, it is the responsibility of each acolyte to obtain a substitute if they cannot cover an assignment.
Father Weaver
Date Service Name Name
April 23 10:30 Kelsey McGuire  
Apr 30 10:30 Peter Handford Emma Westergaard
May 7 10:30 Dylan Bales Ryan Bales
May 14
Mother's Day
10:30 Kaitlin Richards Jennifer Cole
May 21
Rogation Sunday
10:30 Cynthia Kovacs Kelsey McGuire
May 28
Sun. after Ascension
10:30 Paige Reichmann Chelsea Reichmann
June 4 10:30 Peter Handford Cynthia Kovacs
June 11 10:30 Chelsea Reichmann Emma Westergaard
Summer Schedule Begins    
June 18
Father's Day
9:30 Jennifer Cole Kaitlin Richards
June 25 9:30 Ryan Bales Dylan Bales
July 2 9:30 Cynthia Kovacs Kelsey McGuire
July 9 9:30 Peter Handford Paige Reichmann



If you would like to volunteer or change services, call Linda Ehrenshaft at 368-6272 or email her. Thank You.


Linda Ehrenshaft
Date Service Name Name
September 2 Bob Wolpert Richard Cole
Sept 9 Larry Bonchonsky Stewart Gormal
Sept 16 Gloria Roberts Ruthann Knoeller
Sept 23 Jon Hatch Dennis Comma
Sept 30 Howard Ehrenshaft Linda Ehrenshaft
October 7 Larry Bonchonsky Bob Wolpert
Oct 14 Jon Hatch Richard Cole
Oct 21 Gloria Roberts Bob Hunter
Oct 28 Ruthann Knoeller Jon Hatch
November 4 Howard Ehrenshaft Linda Ehrenshaft
Nov 11 Larry Bonchonsky Richard Cole
Nov 18 Ruthann Knoeller Dennis Comma
Nov 25   Jon Hatch Bob Wolpert
December 2   Howard Ehrenshaft Linda Ehrenshaft
Dec 9   Jon Hatch Bob Hunter
Dec 16   Larry Bonchonsky Stewart Gormal
Dec 23   Gloria Roberts Ruthann Knoeller
Dec 30   Dennis Comma Jon Hatch


Schedule for 2006-2007

2006 Dates are in Bold
2007 dates are in Italics


Sophie Partridge
Assistant Directress Garry Pagliuco
Treasurer Cathy Cobb
Secretary Kathy Fusaro
Flowers & Supplies Kathy Fusaro
Date Name Name
Group I Feb 11 - Mar 10, 2006 Maryjane Macartney Captain
May 6 - June 2 Cathy Cobb
July 29 - Aug 25 Patty Wilson
Oct 21 - Nov 17 Pam Marsden
Jan 13 - Feb 9, 2007
Apr 7 - May 4 (Easter 8, 07)
June 30 - July 27
Sept 22 - Oct 19
Dec 15 - Jan 11, 08 (Christmas 07)
Group II Dec 17 - Jan 13, 2006 Ruth Varsha Captain
Mar 11- April 7 Edna Chritzko
June 3 - June 30 Fran Scandalis
Aug 26 - Sept 22 Audrey Blackman
Nov 18 - Dec 15 (Thanksgiving 23, 06)
Feb 10 - Mar 9, 2007
May 5 - June 1
July 28 - Aug 24
Oct 20 - Nov 16
Group III Jan 14 - Feb 10, 2006 Garry Pagliuco Captain
Apr 8 - May 5 Kathy Fusaro (Palm Sun Apr 9, 06)
(Easter Apr 16, 06)
July 4 - July 28 Pat Savello
Sept 23 - Oct 20 Barbara Mele
Dec 16, 06 - Jan 12, 07 (Christmas 06)
Mar 10 - Apr 6 (Palm Sun Apr 1, 07)
June 2 - June 29
Aug 26 - Sept 21
Nov 17 - Dec 14 (Thanksgiving 22, 07)




Anne Bergeron

Rehearsal - Tuesdays, 7:30 pm from September to June.


Volunteers offer their most precious commodity, their time.  Assist shut-ins, or people who have no transportation.  Help them make doctor's appointments, pick-up prescriptions, or do a little grocery shopping.  You could even do the marketing for them.  Sometimes the ill or elderly infirm just need a daily phone call to see if everything is OK. 
This is a valued ministry in this community and those who avail themselves of this service consider the volunteers to be guardian angels.
To volunteer your time (which could be as little as a half hour a week) or to make use of these services (you can call on behalf of a relative or friend) call or e-mail:
Sharon Wolpert     262-0791
The Church Office  261-7670


Located in the Trinity Thrift Shop and staffed by the Thrift Shop volunteers, the Confidence Closet provides a unique service to young women entering the job market.  The Catch 22 is that to get a good job, you must dress for the job. But to afford better work clothes, you need the money that comes with the better job. 
To break this cycle for young women who want to leave poor paying employment behind and make a success of their lives, the Confidence Closet offers gently used and some new business suits and dresses, blouses and shoes and complete ensembles.  The clothes are stylish, there is a large stock from which to choose,
and an experienced and knowledgeable sales person will assist in putting together some great looking, well fitted outfits.
Here's the best part.  Payment for the clothes, which is quite reasonable to begin with, is only due after you start cashing paychecks!
Make an appointment for the Confidence Closet today and take a big step toward a better future.
                          Call Sharon Wolpert     262-0791



The goal of this most important ministry is to bring those who have come through our door all the way into our hearts. We will greet the new faces we see at Services and welcome them into our church, inform them of our varied services and programs and introduce them to our parish family.




The coffee hour following the main Sunday service is not just a chance to hang out and chit-chat, although, that activity is at the core of Fellowship!  Coffee hour is a meeting place to attend to church business, it is a forum to discuss concepts of doctrine, and it is the perfect place to introduce would-be members to their new parish. The process of setting up the kitchen, making the coffee and preparing the hall is not difficult.  By sharing the responsibility for this important task, each of us will contribute to our parish as we lighten the load for all.  

Schedule to follow.



Mary Jo Bartlett and Ruth Varsha have teamed up to see that all deposit containers are properly collected and returned for refund.  In this space, expect to find future projects involving collection of recyclables and gathering of money for worthy purposes.  There are collection containers in the kitchen. Last year $75 in recycling funds were donated to the Northport food pantry.